The Society of Yoga Therapy, Competitive Yoga Sports and Holistic Health Science Center
Affiliated with: - International Federation of Yoga Sports, International yoga Foundation
  • About yoga Society of kashmir- India

    Yoga society of kashmir- India (Regd.) is established by Shabir Ahmed Dar (Yoga therapist & coach) in the year 2007. The main motive behind the establishment of yoga society of Kashmir was to promote yoga among the people of Kashmir particularly and the rest of the country in general. The yoga society of Kashmir is the only N.G.O working in the field of yoga and fitness in Kashmir, and is committed to develop the sense of health awareness, health consciousness, self-harmony healthy and peaceful life among the all sections of the people of the state and country. The prime focus of yoga society of Kashmir is to provide yoga teaching and training to all sections of people in general and youth in particular, in order to develop healthy life style among them so that they could become free from all illness/ disorders and could become stress free and save them from drug addiction and other social evils.

    The yoga society of Kashmir is initiated to organize daily yoga and meditation classes in different locations of Kashmir, besides special yoga therapy camps. Stress management camps and competitive yoga sports coaching camps are being held in different institutions / places of Kashmir. Yoga society of Kashmir is committed to provide quality services of yoga, meditation, and stress management sessions to the locals and foreigners at different locations or their own convince which will help to add one more facility to the tourists in the paradise of the earth

    We are YOGA SOCIETY OF KASMIR are one of the Best, Safe and Secure Yoga Services provider in KASHMIR.

    The idea of our society is based on the concepts of Indian Traditional Yoga and Yogic Lifestyle, which provides healthy and balanced way of living, through which one can live healthy physical, mental and spiritual life. Yoga Society of Kashmir has the experienced expert panel of professionals, who are certified from reputed institutes in the country and abroad.

    We have provided our premium health services to hundreds of people including students, celebrities, professionals, patients, conducted workshops for different reputed organizations and multi-national companies.

    Our services network has no boundary. Our proud members may call any time they feel free 24×7.

    The Master

    Shiva is the God of the yogis, self-controlled and celibate while at the same time lover of his spouse (Shakti). God Shiva is the destroyer of the world, following ‘Brahma the creator’ and ‘Vishnu the preserver’, after which brahma again creates the world and so on. Shiva is responsible for change

    Shabir Ahmed Dar is an International Medalist in yoga has been practicing Yoga since childhood; he has knowledge of different styles of yoga practices practiced throughout the world. HE IS MSC IN YOGA AND MASTERS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS. Marvelous performer worked for AYOUSH NCC JAMMU AND KASHMIR STATE SPORTS COUNCIL, CONDUCT DIFFERENT NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL YOGA FESTIVALS AND YOGA SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIPS INDIA under the banner of international yoga federation, international yoga foundation, international yoga sports federation and Indian yoga foundation
    Awards: International Medalist, National and international yoga promoter awardee

    Aims and objectives of Yoga Society of Kashmir

    • To Popularize yoga by reaching common people of Jammu and kashmir state in particular and Rest of the country in general
    • To propagate physical, mental and spiritual fitness to help people by teaching the preventive and curative yoga techniques
    • To transcend culture sets by highlighting paths / method of yoga
    • Establishment of various yoga centers/ academies/ studios/ clubs and Associations to import yoga training to the people
    • To conduct yoga therapy, Meditation, stress management, physical fitness, and special yoga sports coaching camps /classes in different locations of Kashmir.
    • To organize State, National and International level yoga festivals cum international level yoga sports championships in place of Kashmir and India
    • Implementation of yoga therapy as alternative natural and drugless therapy to cure various disorders , illnesses or diseases
    • To promote, encourage, popularize and supervise yoga in Jammu and Kashmir particularly and for the whole nation in general
    • To promote yoga as competitive sports among the youth of Jammu and Kashmir by organizing yoga sports coaching camps , Yoga sports Championships at District , State ,National and International level
    • To promote yoga as health tourism in Jammu and Kashmir by providing yoga therapy , mediation facilities to the domestic and foreign tourists at different locations of Kashmir and at their own convince
    • To promote and create a sense of brotherhood, mutual harmony, love, peace and affection among the members of the society through yoga

    Constituted: Yoga society of Kashmir is constituted in 6th August 2007 by Mr. Shabir Ahmed Dar. Founder Yoga Society of Kashmir-India

    Registered office:-

    Yoga Society of Kashmir,
    Dar Manzil – 47
    (Charlipora) kursoo Padshahi Bagh
    Srinagar Kashmir 190008 (Jammu & Kashmir) INDIA
    Mobile No: 09469116506,09419388110,09018611772
    E-mail id: yogasocietyofkashmir6506@gmail.com
    Website: www.yogasocietyofkashmir.com

    Registration: yoga society of Kashmir- India is registered under the society Registration Act.

    Recognition: Yoga society of Kashmir- India is recognized by International Yoga Sports Federation,International Yoga Foundation and Indian Yoga Society