The Society of Yoga Therapy, Competitive Yoga Sports and Holistic Health Science Center
Affiliated with: - International Federation of Yoga Sports, International yoga Foundation
  • Yoga Society of Kashmir provides Traditional ancient cum modern therapeutic techniques of Yoga under experienced masters.
    The most trusted yoga services brand in Srinagar Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir

    1. Yoga for all (General Fitness),
    2. Corporate Yoga (For Professionals),
    3. Yoga Therapy (For Lifestyle related disorders),
    4. Pre/Post Natal Yoga Classes
    5. Indo-Western Power Yoga (IWPY)-(Reduce Weight),
    6. Yoga Vacation (Kashmir)
    7. Yoga at Home (kashmir),
    8. Weight Gain/Loss Etc.
    9. Advance Yoga Training,
    10. Yoga Teacher Training Course,
    11. Special Yoga Packages for Celebrities
    12. Yoga for educational institutes
    13. Yoga for tourist’s foreigners / Domestic
    14. Conduct of yoga events / workshops

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    'Yoga societies Personal and Group training’ services are one of the best. In Personal training the master gives full attention and focus through which one can achieve the desired goal in minimum time. When taking Personal yoga classes, you have more control over the setting of the sessions. You can choose to host the instruction in your home or in a location convenient to you. For new moms, weight conscious individuals, or busy business owners, the ability to practice yoga professionally in the home or office ensures consistent opportunity for exercise. Additionally, when you are working with a private instructor, you can schedule the sessions to best fit your schedule rather than organizing your day around a yoga studio calendar.

    Advancement in Yoga

    Personal yoga sessions can give you the push you need to take your yoga practice to a more advanced level. While a group session requires a single instructor to watch several students, a private session means the instructor has both eyes on you. A private instructor will give you personalized help on particular aspects and skills that you need to develop in order to become a more advanced yoga student.

    Encouraging a More Powerful Workout

    Yoga offers a range of exercises from mental stretches to powerful feats of physical movement. If you are interested in using yoga as a way to burn calories and increase your overall physical fitness level, opt for personal sessions. Your instructor will be able to design a physically demanding yoga workout that is tailor-made for your strength and fitness level. As a plus, your instructor will be right there next to you offering motivation and challenges that will force you to push yourself.

    Opportunity to Explore New Methods

    Having a personal instructor grants you liberties to delve into new yoga techniques. When you choose a personal instructor, ask what types of yoga they have experience with if you are interested in exploring new methods. You can learn which types of yoga are best suited for your needs and personality without having to go to a new studio or to start fresh with a new group.

    Group training Programme is for two or more yoga aspirants. It gives the best results when the group has the same goal